Cloud Security Design and Acceleration

At Kloudz we believe that being digital requires a security transformation. Whether you are already on a highway to cloud or thinking about accelerating your cloud journey, Kloudz can enable you to develop a holistic cloud security program that will enable you to achieve ‘secure by design and operations’. We also perform cloud maturity assessments which can enable investment asks within your company. Services include:

Cloud Security Journey Build

At Kloudz, we specialize in understanding unique organizational environments and your current status of cloud adoption maturity. We have enabled organizations to build out a comprehensive cloud security program that will drive a prioritized approach in managing the risks associated with cloud movement and operations.

Cloud Security Maturity Assessments

Cloud security is non-negotiable but requires investment. Understanding your current cloud security maturity is a critical aspect to investment decisions on cloud security controls. We help organizations to gain comprehensive visibility to their state of cloud security maturity. These assessments can be performed using highly customized frameworks or industry standard approaches like CSA CCM.

Well Architecture Reviews

Architecting for resilience and security requires full understanding of the products, platforms and services you intend to operate in the cloud. We specialize in performing deep architecture workshops to help you build an effective and adaptive architecture for your cloud workloads. This also involves recommendations on native platforms and services that cloud providers offer across AWS, Azure and GCP.

Assurance Process and Automated Tools Build for Cloud Migrations

Enabling ‘Secure by Design and Operations’ is key to a cloud operated business. We have enabled large organizations to automate their end to end assurance processes by using DevOps tools and processes. This enables seamless integration into DevOps and business teams for driving security controls through design to operations.