Continuous Compliance

Traditional risk assessment does not work in a cloud environment. The ability to detect control failure in an automated manner and trigger remediation activities is key to continuous compliance. At Kloudz we have helped several organizations to implement commercial, open source and custom developed tooling to achieve continuous compliance. Some of the services in this space include:

Automated Governance Processes

Companies operating in a multi account, multi cloud environment are continuously challenged to reduce the friction of governance processes that drives business acceleration. At Kloudz we work with partners and providers to deliver Governance at scale and highly automated for your business. This includes automated account provisioning, cost optimization and change management,

Compliance as Code

Kloudz has developed several approaches to deliver compliance as code to organizational cloud environments. This involves the use of either commercial or custom build tools and processes that will truly drive compliance as code.

Integration to Enterprise Risk Platforms

To understand your organizational risk posture, cloud risks needs to be integrated into enterprise risk platform and processes. Kloudz can enable you to deliver this through development of automated processes and connectors to your enterprise risk platforms. This also includes risk scoring and KRI development targeting specifically for cloud environments.