DevSecOps & Seamless Automation

DevSecOps is a culture change and hence requires a holistic view across people, process and technology to truly enable ‘Security Shift Left’ within organizations. Services in this space includes:

Security Integration to CICD

Shifting security to the left starts with seamless tooling integration to CICD pipelines and workflows. At Kloudz we have extensive experience working with multiple CI tools like Jenkis, Travis and Gitlab to integrate all of security tooling such as Appsec, imaging builds, container builds etc.

DevSecOps, Agile Culture Workshops and Hackathons

At Kloudz we understand the cultural journey required for organizations to operate truly as an agile business. Our Agile coaches specialize in running DevSecOps workshops that helps organizations to bridge barriers across various business teams. We also facilitate virtual hackathons and read teaming engagements that can drive collaboration and culture shifts to DevSecOps and Agile.

Automation of Incident Response Processes

Traditional enterprise security incident response processes do not meet the speed and operations of cloud. The ability to have rapid response depends on early detection and triaging processes. At Kloudz we have developed a highly customized and unique approach to managing incident response in the cloud. This involves the complete end to end automation of your incident response processes using DevOps and Agile tooling.