Penetration Testing

The proliferation of new technologies, applications and connected devices deployed across businesses today are forcing security teams to rethink their existing defences to protect against the new attack points they introduce. Penetration testing has become an essential part in cyber security program enabling businesses to find vulnerabilities and configuration flaws in their systems, processes and technologies which could potentially lead to a successful cyber attack.
At Kloudz, we have proven testing solutions and methodologies designed to provide visibility into exploitable vulnerabilities across a wide variety of technologies, platforms, applications, devices and systems, to enable you to protect against this evolving array of attack points. We also provide complete bespoke and customised penetration testing services as per requirements. Some of the services in this space include:

Cloud Testing

The uptake of new technologies and capabilities in public clouds has fuelled concern over how best to secure these systems against cyber attacks. Attackers continually probe these environments for weak security controls, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities to exploit these vulnerabilities and gain control to the assets and information.

Kloudz can help secure your cloud environments with our detailed penetration tests and configuration reviews focusing on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). If your adoption of cloud technologies has been focused on user productivity, our Office 365 and G Suite Assessment will address all your security and reliability needs.

Application penetration testing

Software vulnerabilities rank as the leading external attack vector businesses continue to struggle with today. Whether your applications have been developed in-house or commissioned through a third-party, time constraints and a lack of awareness around cybersecurity can put your corporate information and systems at risk of compromise.

Kloudz can help provide a thorough security analysis of your application deployment. Our penetration testing specialists will examine and assess all the key components of your application and supporting infrastructure. Applications can be assessed in a variety of ways depending on your requirements and goals. Some of the services include Threat modelling, source code review, static code analysis, dynamic code analysis, API testing to interactive penetration testing.

Network Penetration Testing

Secure network communication is the key for any business, and we understand that. Network penetration testing can help evaluate your network’s ability to withstand attack and uncover potential points of weakness that could be exploited by a malicious actor.

Kloudz’s expert penetration testing specialists can help examine the current state of your network infrastructure to assess the resilience of your security controls, configurations and to identify all the ways that an attacker might use to gain unauthorised access. Our reports will provide insights to the the security vulnerabilities within your infrastructure that could potentially be exploited in an attack and recommend the best methods to secure the environment based on your unique internal business requirements and industry best practices.

Mobile Penetration Testing

As flexible working methods have become more common and business requirement, providing employees with devices that they can use to access valuable and critical data whilst away from the office or allowing them to use their own personal devices to access them, can present a number of security issues. These devices have access to the corporate network via email, VPNs, and other remote access methods and a successful compromise of a mobile device can result in access to customer details, credit card and other sensitive data.

Kloudz can help uncover configuration and deployment flaws associated with integrating mobile solutions into a corporate environment and provide detailed remediation advice.